Cynthia Howard

Bless you ladies for taking your precious time outside of work and making this genuine effort to assist all of those of us who are struggling in our daily duties to, first of all, keep up with all that needs to be done along with little or no on-the-job training, to survive.  In my particular situation I do not just perform division order analyst duties and therefore am unable to retain what division order task I performed last week.  The materials provided are first rate for us rookies and I am much more confident now on behalf of my company to perform these duties.  I have been to previous workshops where it was just assumed that I already had lots of experience, when it was supposedly a “beginners” workshop, and asked millions of questions and left very confused!  So, my conclusion to all of the other workshops I have attended is that the instructors should not be landmen they should be division order analysts!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I plan on attending any further workshops you coordinate.  Please do not lose my e-mail address.

Name: Cynthia Howard, Land Technician
Company:       Harding & Shelton, Inc.
EnerVest, Ltd.

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