In House Training

In House training:

Save time and let me come to your office and do some in-depth one on one training with your employees. I can custom prepare the areas you want to work, Texas, Oklahoma, or Appalachia.

Example of course:

  • Plat a legal description in Oklahoma
  • Survey systems in U. S.
  • History of Pooling and Spacing
  • Discuss the different producing states and the calculation of the royalty
  • Set up a well in Oklahoma, calculating royalty, override and working interest from a mock title opinion
  • Review burden relationships
  • Calculate royalty, overrides and net working interest. Understand working interest leasehold net and net revenue in the well
  • Chain Title to understand the flow of ownership.
  • Calculate PPI’s in Oklahoma
  • Spreadsheet composition, excel files emailed after class

Oil and Gas Calculations: Part 2

The student needs to have taken Part 1, or, understand how to calculate net working interests and the burden relationship.

  • Cover non-ops and well set ups for your company’s 8/8ths.
  • Farm-outs and reservation scenarios. Calculate back in after payout, non-consent working interest and the formula
  • Review the different styles of title opinions and examine formulas used by attorneys.
  • Discuss non-operators taking in kind and the inflated decimals they cause
  • Gas balancing and volumes from the well and the tracking of entitlements


  • Flat Rate Royalty
  • Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act
  • Tract Participation Percentage (TP %)
  • Lease Well/Unit Well
  • Apportionment
  • Pennsylvania Dunham Rule