Sherry Robinson, Senior Division Order Analyst

Sherry Robinson entered the division order field in 1980 working for Dyco Petroleum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After ten years, she went to work for Vintage Petroleum to assist in large acquisition. Due to the changes in the gas market and Senate Bill 168 in Oklahoma, Sherry’s expertise was needed in setting up the take in kind decks. She worked with the gas balancing department to set up decks for revenue accounting. In 2001, she was offered the supervisor position at Unit Corporation and was promoted to Division Order Manager in 2002. Sherry became interested in training when hiring senior division order analysts for her department became difficult. Sherry realized our industry needed experienced division order analysts and joined with Rhonda Stacy in 2005 and developed Division Order Beginnings, LLC. The classes primarily focused on the land calculations side of the business, explaining the different royalty payment processes in the different states. The classes were well received, helping the entry level analyst learn the basics. Sherry left Unit Corporation in 2010 to work as Land Administrations Manager for Exco Resources in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to further her education in the Appalachia area. She returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2012 and now works part time with Laredo Petroleum as a Senior Division Order Analyst

She teamed up with Alyce Hoge of Land Training to bring the highly successful calculation side of her classes to Midland College, online.

Sherry is a member of National Association of Division Order Analyst (NADOA), Sooner Association of Division Order Analyst (SADOA) in Tulsa, and Appalachia Basin Association of Division Order Analysts (ABADOA) in the Pittsburgh area. Sherry assists in educational workshops for SADOA, NADOA, and the lease records and accounting associations.


Rhonda Stacy, VP of Land

Rhonda is Vice President of Land for Mid-Con Energy in Tulsa. Rhonda and Sherry developed the training manuals that we use today. Rhonda brought to the program, 30 years of experience in Land Management including oil and gas accounting, lease records and division orders. Rhonda is currently a member of the Tulsa Association of Petroleum Landmen and a member of American Association of Professional Landmen.  Due to her responsibilities for Mid-Con, she is not currently teaching at this time.