Welcome to Oil and Gas Calculations!

Don’t let the low oil and gas prices interfere with your company’s training. The industry is always going to have its ups and downs and we need to replace the workforce that is retiring within the next three to five years. We saw several take retirement through this last downturn. One of the most important responsibilities of a Division Order Analyst is to accurately set up the payments for all the owners in a newly producing well.  This requires meticulous attention to detail as each owner’s mineral interest is calculated out to the 8th decimal place.  If your decimal is incorrect, you could expose your company to penalties and interest and sometimes even a lawsuit.  Let me teach you the basic tools to assist you.

People that attend my class

  • Land Administrative Assistants
  • Division Order and Land Techs
  • Landmen
  • Petroleum Graduates
  • Employees that have transferred into land
  • People that are attempting a career change and need the basics


Check out the course tab for information on our online course through Midland College, the Petroleum Professional Development Center (PPDC), or click on this link for the modules!

Sherry Robinson, a Senior Division Order Analyst and Alyce Hoge an Attorney and Certified Division Order Analyst with Land Training have teamed up to provide an in-depth division order certificate program (not to be confused with the CDOA certification through NADOA). This is a six-month in-depth course that will prepare you for division order analysis.

Alyce is an excellent instructor and will cover:

  • Land Titles and Title Examination
  • Title Opinions
  • Land and Leasing
  • Oil and Gas Contracts

Sherry is a hands on instructor and will cover (click on the PPDC link for exact course descriptions):

  • Calculating revenue and leasehold nets
  • Terminology
  • Setting up a well from a mock title opinion, billing and revenue decimals
  • Farm-outs
  • Discuss a spreadsheet in excel
  • Chaining Title


Sherry Robinson is available for one day or two day courses specifically designed for your department. Discounts for employees over 15 people.

Save time and let Sherry come to your office and do some in-depth one on one training with your employees. I can custom prepare the areas you want to work, Texas, Oklahoma, or Appalachia.

Check on the course tab for the description of my classes.


Contact me for assistance of personal training designed for you, email Sherry at dobeginnings@yahoo.com or fill out the form on the Contact Page.